1997 BMW E36 American M3 Spec 1 off

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(Bailey) 1997 BMW E36 American 3.0L M3 spec 1 off Ex Silverstone pace car. Having found this car in the back yard of a terrace house in Bolton i had cut the roller shutter open to drag the car out of mud. On rebuild it was discovered that it had infact been a safety/pace car at Silverstone race circuit for the first 5 years of its life and had a total overhaul at BMW’S motorsport division at Hamms Hall. A 3.0L S52 American M3 engine was used and had 25k of mods on the car overall. All though there are too many mods to list this car has dynod at 385bhp with 285lb ft of torque. Its also capable of 0-60 in 5.1 seconds and has had the limiter removed to reach a top speed if 170mph.

Clark Bridge

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : BMW E36

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