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Whilst looking around for a Jag for my brother, he came across this Lexus LS400 in the drive of a house near him. I’d always liked the look of them and when he told me it was only £1500, my late wife and I went for a test drive. That was eight years ago and it is my ultra reliable daily driver. Power and quiet luxury, I love it.

My other classic car is a Wartburg 1.3 Tourist (vw  derived engine) off eBay for £1400. Delivered from Slough at 5am a couple of November’s ago by ‘the mad Hungarian’ who imports Wartburgs and Trabants. In the mid 70’s my dad bought a two stroke Wartburg Knight which I borrowed while I was at music college in Cardiff. As is often the case, nostalgia made me buy this one and it causes quite a stir wherever I take it. There’s only two 1.3 estates in the country, so mine is very rare.

David Collier

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Lexus and Wartburg

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