Lymm transport day. Important information.

To All Vehicle and Club Exhibitors accepted for Lymm Historic Transport Day 2021 

This is a generic mail to all accepted Exhibitors, please note our COVID-19 Compliance Statement from our website copied below for your reference. If you have any questions please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Chris Berg,
Vehicle Manager,
Lymm Historic Transport Day 2021

————————————— Start of Statement —————————————

Lymm Historic Transport Day, Sunday June 27th: IMPORTANT UPDATE June 4th 2021

Warrington Borough Council and the local Public Health Department have now ( June 1st) given the green light to our event and are issuing us a licence for the use of the council owned May Queen Field. Furthermore they are satisfied that with the changes to the event format we have made, plus our Covid-safety measures the event meets all the criteria for a permissible event under Step 3. This means that LHTD 2021 can proceed without Step 4 transition. If Step 4 does go ahead on June 21st we will nevertheless still implement our plan unchanged, including all those Covid-safety measures, in the interests of health and safety. This statement is also posted on our website here: LHTD COVID Statement

We are in regular contact with Warrington Borough Council Safety Advisory Group. If at any time between now and June 27th a change in the health situation means the event can no longer safely go ahead then it will be cancelled. Clearly, we hope that this will not be the case and that we will all have a great day on the 27th. We will, of course, keep everyone fully informed of any developments. These will also be posted on https://www.lymmtransport.org.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/lymmtransport. Feel free to contact us if you would like to comment or require further clarity on any aspect of the above. lymmtransport@gmail.com

Your safety is our Number One priority

We have all been through a difficult and complicated time. Even now (on June 1st) nothing is completely certain for the end of this month. We can only plan to make our event as safe as possible and continue to watch the situation in these final weeks to ensure that we can meet whatever are the prevailing regulations and guides, both national and local at the time of the event. Your co- operation is a big part of it.

  • –  Please do not attend if you have any covid symptoms or a positive test result
  • –  Follow the guidance on our signage and from our stewards at all times
  • –  Keep a safe distance from others
  • –  Use sanitiser
  • –  Bring and wear a mask if you are visiting indoor venues Among the Covid measures we have in place are :
  • –  Minimisation of queuing for entry by promoting advance sales and providing more pay points, including contactless payment.
  • –  Indoor venues to provide maximum ventilation, reduce exhibits, control capacity with one way routes and possible mask wearing.
  • –  Additional toilet facilities to eliminate or reduce queuing and with regular cleaning.
  • –  Access to sanitiser, at all key points: entrances, food tables, indoor venue entry points, pay points, Event HQ and toilets though we would also encourage visitors, especially traders tobring their own too.
  • –  Signage to remind visitors of current guidelines where relevant.
  • –  No printed programme – to be replaced by web pages and large “info banners”.
  • –  For one year only no drive in parade to avoid unmanageable crowding.
  • –  No arena style events on the main field that may encourage crowding.
  • –  Our popular food court will be split over two locations on the field instead of the usual singlecentral venue.
  • –  Additional stewards will be on hand throughout the day to monitor any queuing andencourage good practice.

    ————————————— End of Statement ————————–
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