Widnes Vintage Rally CANCELED

Halton Borough Council re Victoria Park Rally

Good Afternoon I hope you are all safe and well. I wanted to let you know personally of the Council’s decision to cancel this year’s Vintage Rally. As you will know the organisation of this scale of event takes considerable time and resources. This year, despite our best efforts, staff shortages, due to Covid-19, combined with ongoing vacancies, mean we have not been able to do the planning necessary to hold a safe and successful event. It is therefore, with regret, that we must inform you of our decision to cancel this year’s Vintage Rally. As a supporter of the event, who has helped to make the event as successful as it is, we know this will be hugely disappointing to you. However, it essential that all events are run safely and that exhibitors like you get the expected level of footfall. I am aware that there are many who have not got access to emails, so please pass on to anybody you feel may want to know With

Very Best Wishes


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