Cooper’s Spartan

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Ford Cortina MK3 based Spartan Kit Car. Built in the 1980’s by my wife’s late grandfather. After being sat in the garage for 10+ years not turning a wheel, we inherited the car with the promise to the family we would have it back on the road.

When we started after all those years, a new battery, new points, fresh oil, coolant and fuel, it fired up straight away. Poor running though, engine rebuild was on the cards as it ran on 4 Star fuel. Luckily I found a broken piston ring once the head was off for the conversion so it gave me a good excuse for a rebuild.

After quite a few nights and weekends we finally got it back on the road ready for it to start its life again being our wedding car in September 2021. We plan to use it as much as we can and also show it.

Finally, my wife has a thing with naming car’s and she has named him Victor!

Adam Cooper

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Ford Cortina 1972

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    1. Thats what its all about enjoying your car. Welcome to NWCC we look forward to seeing you at events. Nice tidy garage 😂

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