Here’s Thunder

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This is, or was, a Citroen 2CV Charleston. It was modified into a Trike with a custom built hand crafted body. Main picture shows it as it is with the hood attached. The car is affectionately called “THUNDER”.

The first three shots show various stages of the construction from the marine ply foundations to the bonded aluminium finish prior to filling, flatting and final hand finished coach painting.

The next two photos show the finished car. Firstly the open topped coupe as it used to be with fly screens, and secondly with the wet weather gear which had to be custom made to fit the hand built body and required the fitting of a full windscreen, washers and wipers. Hopefully this will help avoid soggy bottoms in bad weather!

George Woodward

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 2CV Trike

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