John Disabled Trike!!!

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Is it a car, is it a motorcycle!

Neither. It’s a fun machine with a Twin cam Mirafiori 1.8 ltr engine with Automatic gearbox.

Bought as a non runner with the gearbox hanging off. Previous owner had used the wrong bolts to fit flywheel to crank. This resulted in the flywheel coming loose and snapping all the bolts. Fortunately, I was able to drill and tap the crank end and fit new, correct, bolts. No damage had occurred to either the flywheel or clutch plate. Having sorted the engine, a few modifications to the brake pedal were made to allow for either foot braking. New tyres all round were fitted and a new exhaust system is being constructed by yours truly.

A new colour scheme was added and new seat covers made. All my own work, I might add.

There is no reason why Foxy will not be ready for the new years shows.


John Cleaver

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Trike 3 wheeler 1974