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Filming Car Show

Hello all.


The dates for the film have been announced and they are the 17th and 18th of September.

If it is your intention to join in then you MUST commit for the TWO days in order for continuity in the filming.

They are long days ie from 7am until 7pm although I would imagine there will be a little flexibility in those times.Catering services will be available and there will be the possibility of renumeration for the time but this will need to be clarified and it will be based on full attendance for the TWO days.

If you are willing to accept the above then please contact me by personal message on Facebook or on kenny101@blueyonder.co.uk

confirming your attendance ASAP so we can get the information to the company.In total we need 40 vehicles.

We need 

Your name.

car make, model and registration number.

It is important to send me all the details.

If your details are not on the film company’s list you will not be allowed on the film set.

I apologise to those people who have already contacted me,but,as you can see the details have changed somewhat so please send me your details again to confirm your attendance.



Informal meet.

Informal meet Junction Rainford 

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Sadly the landlord at the Snig has not got back to me about the car meet on the 9th August and so we have made other arrangements.

An informal come and go meet has been arranged for Sunday 16th August at the Junction Pub in Rainford ( just off the by-pass) it will be from 9am until about 2pm.

There is plenty of room for social distancing and parking, PPE is left to the individual but any Covid19 rules must be adhered to.

This is NOT an NWCC event.It is a meeting of like minded individuals enjoying a common hobby.



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Events (covid 19)

Currently all events that involve large groups of people meeting are cancelled. However, we have some alternative events. We had the virtual car show now closed and currently we are running a length and breadth of England challenge. You will find this event in our events listing page. Why not get out in your classic and tel us where you have ventured to.

Message Re: Coronavirus

Hi All

You will no doubt been following the news worldwide of this coronavirus and witnessing the cancellations of many gatherings and events. I have discussed the situation with some of the Committee members and we have come to the conclusion that we should suspend the activities of North West Casual Classics until further notice. This will of course include all Club Meetings at the Conny Club.

Kenny tells me that ALL events up to and including 31st of May have been cancelled or delayed. As we approach these dates he will be more informed about the future of our calendar.

As I outlined at the last Club meeting I will keep in touch with Club members and Joe will still produce a monthly BACKFIRE which will be included in my email to you.

MEMBERSHIP. It seems to me that it would seem a tad unfair to charge a membership fee to a Club that is temporarily inactive so Steve will suspend fees from April 1st. For example:  If you have 8 months to run before you pay again, when the Club resumes activity you will STILL have 8 months to run, so you will not loose out.

Keep your eye on our Website for updates but in any case I will keep in touch by email. You can contact/text me on 07932057570 or through the Website email.

Look after yourselves,

Cheers Nigel