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Steve, Volvo 240

20200921_104910B-3.jpg DSCF2978B-2.jpg DSCF2966B-1.jpg DSCF2964B-0.jpg

319 miles. We decided on having a long weekend in the Yorkshire dales and rented a cottage just outside Leyburn. Setting off on Friday morning, we took sandwiches with us and had a picnic by the river in Kettlewell then carried on to take in Aisgarth Falls before find our cottage in the village of Harmby.

Over the weekend we visited Leyburn, Richmond, The Forbidden Corner near Middleham and Hawes. On the way home on Monday we looked in at the Embsay Railway, although it was closed, and spent a couple of hours in Skipton. We arrived home about 4pm Monday afternoon.

Steve Tanser

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 319 miles

Instead of meet up. Booze Cruise for necessary supplies Sunday 16 August

Paysanne1-2.jpeg Paysanne-trip-1.jpg Neston-0.jpg

A trip from Neston to Paysanne in Deganwy to collect the last of the wine in the country from the Beziers Region. Both St Chinian Red and some Rose. More important than a meet up as we are stopped from a trip to France.
Would recommend a trip to Paysanne when they can open. But a night’s stay will be required.

Bruce and Penny

Bruce Jackson

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 110

David Collier 1997 Lexus LS 400. 188 miles

IMG-20200815-WA0028-3.jpg IMG-20200815-WA0025-2.jpg IMG-20200815-WA0034-1.jpg IMG-20200815-WA0037-0.jpg

Another lovely run out in the sun to see my brother and his wife at their new home in Ruyton XI Towns in Shropshire.After an enjoyable homemade quiche and salad in the garden we drove into Shrewsbury for a pre-booked river cruise, then for a stroll in the park with an ice cream then into town to see the historic buildings.finally got home to Swinton at 10.30pm, very tired.

David Collier

David Collier 1990 Wartburg Tourist 130 miles

IMG-20200812-WA0019-4.jpg IMG-20200812-WA0053-3.jpg IMG-20200812-WA0011-2.jpg IMG-20200812-WA0006-1.jpg IMG-20200812-WA0047-0.jpg

Today went on a very hot road trip to Crich tramway village in Derbyshire, but stopped off at Matlock to collect a Facebook impulse purchase of another tuba.i already have five😏.the village was great and even has a pub.on the way home we stopped at Monsal head for an ice cream and a walk along the viaduct.great weather, great countyside and great company.

David Collier

Outing with the Girls from Work

20200810_4-1.jpeg 20200810_1-0.jpeg

A short trip out for the Morgan yesterday to meet up with the ladies from work for a lunch date. They have never seen the car in the flesh so to speak and two of them thought they try it for size!





Teresa Cross

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 14

Wartburg 1.3 Tourist 1990

IMG-20200809-WA0000-2.jpg IMG-20200809-WA0001-1.jpg IMG-20200809-WA0002-0.jpg

Another excuse to take out my Warty, this time to that hellish place that is IKEA, in Warrington.my partner’s son needed a new double mattress so it was take my Zafira or Wartburg.both have the same internal load space with the seats down, 6’x4′ ISH. It was a squeeze and very amusing for people watching, but we did it!

David Collier

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 41

David Collier Wartburg 1.3 Tourist 16 miles

IMG-20200801-WA0004-3.jpg IMG-20200801-WA0005-2.jpg IMG-20200801-WA0006-1.jpg IMG-20200801-WA0007-0.jpg

Set off on a very short journey from Albert’s restaurant in Swinton, to Astley mining museum.well worth going to for a couple of hours and free admission with donations greatfully accepted.they have a mock up of a miner’s cottage and the huge steam mineshaft winding engine was brilliant, although powered by compressed air now.even met an old childhood friend there!went for a little drive around the lanes of Astley moss then home.David Collier

Jeff Ashcroft, Mini Clubman

20200729_154644-2.jpg 20200729_153136-1.jpg 20200729_143018-0.jpg

Went to Hale Lighthuose  ( just visible in distance ) which should have been 28 miles, but due to avoiding motorways and trafic diversions , ended up 46 miles !!Jeff Ashcroft

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 46

David Collier 1997 Lexus LS400 131 miles covered

IMG-20200726-WA0005-3.jpg IMG-20200726-WA0024-2.jpg IMG-20200726-WA0025-1.jpg IMG-20200726-WA0030-0.jpg

This little run was taken in a bit more style, comfort, power and sereness in my gorgeous LS400.Again leaving Swinton and driving past Nigel’s house, we stopped at Worsley courthouse for a quick piccy before joining the M60 for ride out to Bakewell.Just outside Hazel Grove we hit traffic to the start of a new A6 bypass, which I’d never seen before.I turned right for the old A6, but it’s not there anymore so we ended up doing a scenic tour through Pott Shrigley to Macclesfield (home of my birth) then over the Cat and Fiddle to Buxton.Another quick stop for a picture then on to an absolutely heaving Bakewell village.A leisurely light lunch and Bakewell slice and s walk along the river then off to Matlock Bath.My partner’s never been before and couldn’t believe the amount of bikers all lined up having a brew and chat.It was too late for Crich tram museum so we headed for home, but another pic at the Swizzles factory at New Mills.Another great ‘classic’ day out, twice the miles covered and we were a lot more relaxed than the last trip in the Wartburg.David Collier

David Collier 1990 Wartburg Tourist 63 miles

IMG-20200722-WA0003-4.jpg IMG_20200721_181728-3.jpg IMG-20200721-WA0016-2.jpg IMG-20200721-WA0014-1.jpg IMG-20200721-WA0023-0.jpg

Ride out from Swinton to British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland (well worth the visit).That was only 38km so we carried on to Preston for a lovely meal at the Bistrot Pierre.A walk in the sun around the town then stopped off at the Malthouse Farm near Chorley for a drink. Couldn’t get a picture outside the Bistrot as vehicles aren’t allowed.Lots of smiles at the car from passers by.That’s what it’s all about😊David Collier

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