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Wartburg 1.3 Tourist 1990

Miles covered : usp_custom_field : 41

IMG-20200809-WA0000-2.jpg IMG-20200809-WA0001-1.jpg IMG-20200809-WA0002-0.jpg

Another excuse to take out my Warty, this time to that hellish place that is IKEA, in partner’s son needed a new double mattress so it was take my Zafira or Wartburg.both have the same internal load space with the seats down, 6’x4′ ISH. It was a squeeze and very amusing for people watching, but we did it!

David Collier

David Collier Wartburg 1.3 Tourist 16 miles

IMG-20200801-WA0004-3.jpg IMG-20200801-WA0005-2.jpg IMG-20200801-WA0006-1.jpg IMG-20200801-WA0007-0.jpg

Set off on a very short journey from Albert’s restaurant in Swinton, to Astley mining museum.well worth going to for a couple of hours and free admission with donations greatfully accepted.they have a mock up of a miner’s cottage and the huge steam mineshaft winding engine was brilliant, although powered by compressed air now.even met an old childhood friend there!went for a little drive around the lanes of Astley moss then home.David Collier

Jeff Ashcroft, Mini Clubman

Miles covered : usp_custom_field : 46

20200729_154644-2.jpg 20200729_153136-1.jpg 20200729_143018-0.jpg

Went to Hale Lighthuose  ( just visible in distance ) which should have been 28 miles, but due to avoiding motorways and trafic diversions , ended up 46 miles !!Jeff Ashcroft