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My Future Classic

P9170002-3.JPG Alpine-A110-23-07-2021-12-34-52-2.jpg Alpine-A110-23-07-2021-12-34-23-1.jpg Alpine-A110-23-07-2021-12-34-14-0.jpg

As well as the Rover Mini Cooper RSP we have an Alpine A110. Not a Classic but surely will be one in the future. Drive’s even better than it looks.


Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Alpine A110 Legende GT 2021

Chris and Jan’s Classic

Stgeorges-Day-2017-Mini2-2.jpg Mini_005-1.JPG Mini_002-0.JPG

We bought the Mini Cooper RSP (Rover Special Products) in 1990 putting in our order before the model was officially announced. The RSP re-introduced the Cooper to the Mini range and sports a special interior plus 1275cc engine and other upgrades. We have now owned it for 32 years and it has covered over 135,000 miles.

Not modified but rather enhanced with upgraded engine, brakes and suspension. The car is used as the Course Car on many Classic Car Events and has been an official car on many World Rally GB events traversing the forest stages – hence the sump shield.


Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Rover Mini Cooper RSP 1990

Steve T’s Volvo

63-4.JPG DSCF2947-3.JPG DSCF3329-2.JPG 20220409_105210-1.jpg 278682489_10160101420019516_538870008344075987_n-0.jpg

The car is originally from the Bournmouth area and was in the same family from new until 2014 when it was purchased by a collector. He kept it for one year but had to sell it when he lost his garage/storage. The next owner, from Retford, bought it on a whim in July 2015 but, unfortunately, his wife didn’t approve and she gave him an ultimatum. As he really didn’t want to move out of the family home, he put it up for sale in September 2015, which is when I purchased it.

Steve Tanser

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 1991 Volvo 240 2.0L GL Estate

John’s MGA & Frogeye Sprite

Clock-Face-meet-4.jpg DSCN3732-3.JPG DSCN3532-2.JPG 1-Copy-1.JPG 1-0.JPG

These are my cars a 1960 Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite and 1961 MGA Roadster.

The Frog was a 4 year project by me. Complete rotisserie restoration with almost all parts replaced except for trans tunnel, bonnet and boot middle sections. All new wings and floor, engine rebuilt with unleaded head. I am considering selling the Sprite and keeping the MGA which has a bit more room.

The MGA was a US import and converted to RHD by the previous owner and I took it on as a rolling project over a 3 year period. Engine rebuilt and new floors, carpets and chrome work.

Both cars have had extensive bare metal paint jobs and polish up nice I think.

John Lloyd

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 1961 MGA Roadster & 1960 Austin Healey Sprite MK1

Here’s Thunder

F7339BA1-80F2-40BE-97A5-3FFF6998C370-4.png 8C41CB8F-2EC9-4674-8519-214E9B3067C9-3.png 41E03695-5FB8-421F-BD4A-E7E843590E67-2.jpeg B9B3A333-30BA-4D8E-88CA-5B3B76A799C2-1.png 60D74D19-0965-43B1-B423-EE477A7A0B32-0.png

This is, or was, a Citroen 2CV Charleston. It was modified into a Trike with a custom built hand crafted body. Main picture shows it as it is with the hood attached. The car is affectionately called “THUNDER”.

The first three shots show various stages of the construction from the marine ply foundations to the bonded aluminium finish prior to filling, flatting and final hand finished coach painting.

The next two photos show the finished car. Firstly the open topped coupe as it used to be with fly screens, and secondly with the wet weather gear which had to be custom made to fit the hand built body and required the fitting of a full windscreen, washers and wipers. Hopefully this will help avoid soggy bottoms in bad weather!

George Woodward

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 2CV Trike

My little white Sportscar

3703D8C8-6E5B-4215-8AC6-8CC7E7C3F194-4.jpeg CD80DAF7-0EE3-44A9-8930-208BA4173A77-3.jpeg B07BBE73-76C5-4DAE-B3E5-F9378514BD25-2.jpeg 28FE8965-80E0-4370-9B9D-A6BFD10C0151-1.jpeg 2E1E1285-82B8-4B94-8E4D-8826F021514B-0.jpeg

This is my 1961 MGA coupe MKll 1622cc. I bought this car about 12 months ago after it had received a partial restoration. I then set about doing a re trim of the interior as it was all original and showing its age. I made new seat covers from a hide I bought from Martrim along with various other fabrics to cover the dashboard and trim panels. The car lived it’s early life on the island of jersey then sent back to the mainland. The MG has a full documentary history and showing its original milage and all its previous keepers

keith fox

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 1961 MGA coupe

Eil + Alans car


Gifted to us in 2000 in a sorry state, had been left to the elements.

Over the years it has been resprayed, new wiring loom + new tyres, new hood + side screens made.

The donor car was a 1967 Triumph Vitesse 2 litre straight 6. All the running gear was used + the registration was transferred. The car was built in 1980 making it a very early Roadster. The Marlin has won 2nd place at Tatton Park in the kit/replica class in 2014 + a number of 1st, 2nd, 3rds at other events. Known as ELMOE because of the registration being LMO995E



Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Marlin Roadster 1967

Alan’s car


Bought our Rover 95 P4 in December 2021. Over the winter some welding + paint has been sorted. Interior is in very good + original condition, only parts that needed attending was some stitching to the seat bases. Before we bought the car, money had been spent reconditioning the engine, a new clutch fitted, also a new fuel pump + radiator.

We fitted new tyres + she sailed through a saftey inspection with no advisories.

Registered in Liverpool, she has spent all her years on the Wirral or the Liverpool area. We have christened her THE DUCHESS


Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Rover 1964

My Little Red Sports Car

dsl-insurance-6 MG-front-transparent-2 TC-5 TC-3 30B8110F-D569-48C2-BAD7-EDFB4322B68E.jpeg

DSL 591

21 March 1949

Chassis number TC8233

Engine number XPAG8822


This ’49 TC was originally built for the home market. Its early years and first owner are a mystery unfortunately. The car was shortly exported to US where it remained until 1989. The TC was re imported to UK and at that point the TC was bought by Michael Card, who embarked on a full restoration with the aid of Steve Baker (renowned T type specialist) to what he referred to as “Factory Original” specification.

Upon completion the car was entered into the MGOC annual concourse at Silverstone where it was awarded a second pace.

Michael kept hold of the car in storage as he had other cars he was working on until I bought it from him about 3 years ago.

When I bought the car it had been fully restored for what amounted to 20 years and as such needed a bit of love and affection.

My first job was to make a new hood, side screen, toneau cover and matching tool rolls. I obtained fabric etc. from Martrim in Cheshire and set about sewing up the required items. The matching tool rolls were made and a full compliment of original tools were bought and restored.

I have worked on this car virtually every day since purchase as it has become a labour of love. One of me recent additions is a picnic hamper that was woven to size for me in Lithuania then I endeavoured to make the internal items and strapping etc. The plates I have specially done by a colleague who does sublimation printing amongst other things. Quite a few item have been added to the “Factory Correct” specification but I have kept all the original items with the car for any future custodian.

This car has been featured on the front cover and inside Classic & Sports Car July 2009 and MG Enthusiast December 2001. Also an article in Classic MG (North America) April 2021 and featured in an recent MG book, The MG Story 1923-1980 by Malcolm Green


keith fox

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 1949 MG TC

Cooper’s Spartan

inbound9147198447780427242-3.jpg inbound6091289376875060170-2.jpg inbound3381726658005636931-1.jpg inbound2920587224843199813-0.jpg

Ford Cortina MK3 based Spartan Kit Car. Built in the 1980’s by my wife’s late grandfather. After being sat in the garage for 10+ years not turning a wheel, we inherited the car with the promise to the family we would have it back on the road.

When we started after all those years, a new battery, new points, fresh oil, coolant and fuel, it fired up straight away. Poor running though, engine rebuild was on the cards as it ran on 4 Star fuel. Luckily I found a broken piston ring once the head was off for the conversion so it gave me a good excuse for a rebuild.

After quite a few nights and weekends we finally got it back on the road ready for it to start its life again being our wedding car in September 2021. We plan to use it as much as we can and also show it.

Finally, my wife has a thing with naming car’s and she has named him Victor!Adam Cooper

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Ford Cortina 1972

John’s Chevy

inbound1714782928291039814-3.jpg inbound4427969313806388327-2.jpg inbound3764534710667899449-1.jpg inbound5578192753153375288-0.jpg

I bought the Chevy purely as an investment but wanted the best for my set budget. I found Corry, after an 8 year search, in Glendale, California in 2019 and was fortunate to get it home 2 weeks before lockdown 2020. There is a long history, too much for here, but the sort version is t was found with a rotted out floor and had a new one fitted by Brad Hall in Canada. It then had 2 owners before being bought by Mark Linnet from Glendale in 2014. I purchased it after a long search of the car with the next door neighbour of Brad Hall, the first purchaser and the CORSA club of America. It was even recognised by Frisco Bay chapter of CORSA with a trophy, which Mark included with the sale.

This is one of 360 built in 1964 for release in 1965, registered 1st Jan 1965, it was possibly the first one on the road that year. The colour is a one year colour of Danube Blue and is very rare. This model is the only Canadian built Corsa 140 convertible in the UK. The interior is totally original as is the electrically operated hood. All the exterior panels are also original along with it’s original engine and gearbox.John Cleaver

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : Chevrolet Corvair Corsa convertible 1965

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