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Young Driver Loan Car

Do you have a family member or know someone who may be interested in the loan of a Volvo for 12 months.

Please see below for information.

Young driver? Interested in Classics? Like to try a classic Volvo for a year?

The Volvo Enthusiasts Club is a participant in the Classic Car Loan Project, which was set up encourage younger drivers to take up the classic car hobby. For full details of the scheme, see 


We lend you a classic Volvo for a year. All you have to do is insure it (we have a discount arrangement with Peter James Insurance), garage it, look after it and enjoy it, and tell us about anything interesting you do with it for our club magazine. You collect the car, which is checked over, with a fresh MOT. Should anything major break during your loan period costing more than £100, we use our resources as a club to get you back on the road. At the end of the year, (usually in April), you MOT the vehicle and hand it back. You are limited to 6,000 miles, which should cover you for plenty of classic car events, and you do have to stay in the UK. You also get complimentary membership of the VEC for the duration of the loan.

Let us introduce you to the car. She is a classic 1988 Volvo 245 estate.

She was owned by one family from new, and serviced by Volvo all her life. Apart from some consumables and remedial body work on the tailgate, we have had to do very little to her, and she was smart enough to be on our club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show. This is the definitive proper Volvo family estate, rugged, powerful and reliable, yet still elegant enough to park outside a mansion. She drives extremely well, and has an excellent interior. She even has a dog guard, although you will have to provide your own Labrador! If you are interested, contact us via the scheme through the website above.


The trailer for brassic 3 has been realised featuring nwcc members and their cars. Fame at last.

Club Accounts 2020

As you know, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, little has occurred within the club this year. We’ve had a few member renewals in the early part of the year and a few new members have decided they would like to join us, even though we haven’t been able to get out to shows. This has meant that there has been very little income compared to previous years. There are, however, still expenditures such as the web site, insurance, FBHVC subs, etc. These still need to be covered even though the club is standing still.

We started the year in a healthy position and, because we were not very active, expenditure was kept at a minimum. The renewals at the start of the year and the new members easily covered the outgoings, plus a very generous donation to club funds by the Brassic film company, means we finish the year in excellent financial health. We could even cover the charity donation we haven’t been able to raise this year. Here’s hoping that this virus is soon defeated and we can get back to normal next year with a full calendar of shows and social events.

Item Rate No. Income Date Expenditure
Start £1421.21 11/12/19
Annual Subs.
Subs. £20.00 20 £400.00
Subs. £18.00 38 £684.00
Subs. £15.00 0
Hon/Family £0.00 15
Total £1084.00
Other Income
Show Plaques £5 1 £5.00
Umbrellas £10 2 £20.00
Filming £4000.00
Total Income £5189.00
Insurance £290.11
FBHVC £46.06
Printing £38.00
Quiz Prizes 18.60
Post & Phone £18.00
Flag Sample
(J. Slevin)
Web Site £152.66
Feb. Buffet £150.00
PayPal Fees £17.64
Sub Totals £6610.21 £756.07
Bank £5671.77
Cash £182.37
Assets £2000.00
Grand Total
Income Exceeded
Expenditure by

Filming Car Show

Hello all.


The dates for the film have been announced and they are the 17th and 18th of September.

If it is your intention to join in then you MUST commit for the TWO days in order for continuity in the filming.

They are long days ie from 7am until 7pm although I would imagine there will be a little flexibility in those times.Catering services will be available and there will be the possibility of renumeration for the time but this will need to be clarified and it will be based on full attendance for the TWO days.

If you are willing to accept the above then please contact me by personal message on Facebook or on

confirming your attendance ASAP so we can get the information to the company.In total we need 40 vehicles.

We need 

Your name.

car make, model and registration number.

It is important to send me all the details.

If your details are not on the film company’s list you will not be allowed on the film set.

I apologise to those people who have already contacted me,but,as you can see the details have changed somewhat so please send me your details again to confirm your attendance.