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News report from NWCC Awards Night.

Car Enthusiasts Raise Over Two Grand For A Local Hospice

Each year, members of one Classic car group aim to raise as much money as possible for a local charity.During 2018, North West casual classics raised funds for the warrington based St Rocco's hospice, and on tuesday night at their annual awards ceremony, they handed over a cheque for just over two thousand and twelve pounds to the charity.

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North West Casual Classics Post Christmas Lunch

North West Casual Classics Post Christmas Lunch

As last year our Social Secretaries Alan and Eileen Smith booked around 50 of us in at The Everglades Hotel at Widnes, for Sunday Lunch.

The delightful menu on offer consisted of,


  • Starter;
  •             Prawn Cocktail, Soup, Garlic mushrooms or Brussels Pate with warm French bread.
  • Main course;
  •             Sunday Roast of Beef, Ham and Turkey with all the trimmings, or Penne Pasta
  •  To follow;
  •             Chocolate Torte, Lemon Meringue or Strawberry Cheesecake.

The meal was enjoyed by all and Alan and Eileen also raised £123 for this years charity.

The John Holt Cancer Support Foundation

by holding a raffle, extra prizes of chocolate
were supplied by Margaret and Colin Evans

Thanks again to Alan and Eileen Smith for their organisational skills.

[WPPA+ Photo display (fsh)]

MOT test exemption

FBHVC Newsletter Addendum – June 2018

This information supersedes all previous advice the Federation may have given including that in Issue 3 of the Newsletter. We must stress that all previous advice was provided in good faith based upon information supplied to us by the Department for Transport (DfT) and its Agencies. The Federation apologises if any members have been misled by advice previously provided.

The advice given here describes the process as it has now been clarified by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) which manages the exemption process on behalf o

Changed MOT/GVT Exemption regime

Principles of exemption within the vehicle licensing system

  • The Regulations provide the exemption (forty years old and not substantially changed within the last thirty years) for cars vans and motorcycles. That is a matter of law and does not of itself require any action.
  • The regulations are more complex for other classes of vehicles, as the Federation has made clear in past Newsletters. The Federation remains unclear as to whether and to what extent the online licensing system will take account of these complexities.
  • The definition of “vehicles of historic interest” contained in the Regulations is not carried through into the licensing system.
  • The system also does not depend upon the vehicle being in the Historic taxation class.
  • DVLA has chosen not to check vehicle status until at least the next available date for relicensing of the vehicle.
  • The system is based upon the DVLA database showing a vehicle as having been registered at least forty years ago. That database assumes the vehicle to be exempt. The Federation of course recognises that a vehicle may not have been registered immediately after it was built and a mechanism has been established to ensure such vehicle can enter the “historic” taxation class. There is currently no mechanism of which the Federation is aware by which this anomaly can be dealt with in this system.
  • Conversely, a vehicle can become eligible for MOT exemption some months before meeting the historic taxation class exemption requirement
  • Confirmation by an applicant as to whether a vehicle is correctly identified as exempt, as described below, does not feed into any database and DVLA has no intention of creating such a database.
  • The confirmation provides only a mechanism for proceeding with relicensing of a vehicle if the MOT is not still “valid”.
  • Conversely if the vehicle has a valid MOT (even if it is a “voluntary” MOT) a confirmation or otherwise need not and indeed cannot be made.

Licensing System Operation

At a Post Office

  • If a vehicle registered over forty years previously  which does not have an MOT is being presented for relicensing at a Post Office, a V112 (or V112G as the case may be) must be shown to the Post Office clerk before relicensing may progress. The Post Office clerk will simply look at the signed Form, confirm that fact on their system and return it to the keeper.
  • If the vehicle has a valid MOT, even if voluntary, no V112/V112G will be required.
  • This process will be repeated at each annual relicensing.


  • If a vehicle registered over forty years previously which does not have a valid MOT, is being presented for relicensing, a page headed “Check Vehicle details; MOT/GVT Exemption test certificate declaration” will appear.
  • This page says that DVLA records show the vehicle is over forty years old and thus may be exempt from testing and that the record assumes the vehicle has not been substantially changed. This page then enables the ticking of one of two boxes; these declare either that
  • the record is “correct”. i. e the vehicle is nots ubstantially changed and thus exempt, or
  • “incorrect”, i.e. is substantially changed and thus not exempt.
  • The applicant then selects “continue”.
  • If the applicant has selected “correct” licensing will continue towards completion.
  • In the unlikely event of the applicant selecting “incorrect” in respect of a vehicle with no MOT, a new page requiring the applicant to go to a Post Office with an MOT will appear and licensing will not proceed.
  • If a vehicle is being presented for relicensing online has a valid MOT (even if it is voluntary), the process will complete without the page containing the declaration appearing. The page cannot be voluntarily accessed if the vehicle has an MOT, whenever that MOT expires.
  • This process will be repeated at each annual relicensing.


  • The Federation has been advised by DfT that the database upon which the police undertake MOT enforcement will show a right of exemption at forty years after registration. The police will not, to our knowledge, have visibility of the confirmation process and thus will not be aware whether a vehicle over forty years old does require an MOT because it is substantially changed within the rules.
  • While the Federation has no reason to believe that members should be concerned on this account, the Federation should make it clear that it has no information regarding how and whether there is guidance to police officers regarding enforcement of the actual Regulations, or the validity of the actions of keepers in either providing a signed V112 (or V112G) or checking the online declaration box.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the obligation not to use an unroadworthy vehicle on the road is unaffected by this process.

If you go to you will find the sentence: ‘You do not have to apply to stop getting an MOT for your vehicle each year. However, you must still keep it in a roadworthy condition’.

Amendments to Events

New events are available for online booking for Paid up NWCC Members.
Please also note. Walton Gardens Show has been Cancelled.

F.B.H.V.C. on Radically Altered

By Ian Edwards of F.B.H.V.C.

The Federation is now in a position to properly explain a topic previously only mentioned in passing. It may be recalled that over the last few months l have made some cryptic references to the potential pitfalls that could arise from modifying a monocoque bodyshell.

During that period the Federation has been involved in discussion with DVLA and with the owners and clubs involved with two particular cars. From that we are now in a position to provide much clearer guidance.

Regardless of what may have happened in the past, any alterations to a monocoque bodyshell will be considered by DVLA to fall within the ‘radically altered’ category and the rules set out therein will apply (see lNF26 and registration/radically-altered-vehicles). As a result, DVLA will cancel the vehicle’s original identity, require the vehicle to be marked with a DVLA VIN, the vehicle will be required to obtain an individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) and a ‘Q’ registration will be issued.

lf the vehicle is already registered the existing registration will be withdrawn.

The two instances referred to concerned saloons or coupes converted to convertibles but the same approach would apply to saloons converted to pickups and other similar changes.

Exactly the same principle would apply to modified chassis and indeed to modified frames for motorcycles.

FBHVC are fully aware that for the large majority of historic vehicles it is not possible to obtain an IVA without expensive and significant modifications which would in any case destroy the historic integrity of the vehicle.

Thus the only conclusion can be ‘don’t do it!

Discussions continue with DVLA about how this policy can best be brought to the attention of vehicle owners as FBHVC feel that currently it is not generally appreciated that modifications of this nature will bring the vehicle within the ambit of the ‘radically altered’ rules.

A Thank you from Joshua Tree

Hi Nigel hope you are well

Following our brief meet at the club back in January, well done to the club for raising over £2k for the Joshua tree Great cause, as you know I mentioned I am a corporate volunteer for Claire House Wirral & Liverpool would you consider in the future?
All the best Barry McLiveen

Awards Night 2018

2018 Awards Night 

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