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FORD MONDEO MK1 (NWCC Charity benefits)


Would any members be interested in giving this a new home. The owner is offering this as a fund raiser for NWCC charity ie for a donation to our current charity. Please discuss your offer with the owner.

Details:-MK 1 Mondeo SI that is mechanically excellent but needs bodywork.

For further details please contact Mike on 07785 902090

NWCC accepts no responsibility in any way for the sale of this vehicle we are simply passing on details to aid our fund raising activities.

Members car for sale.

DISCLAIMER. Members car are advertised as a members benefit for paid members of NWCC only. NWCC accepts no responsibility for the content of any add or for any issues arising from the sale of the car. All queries should be directed to the sell and NOT nwcc.

FOR SALE MAZDA 929 Estate.

I am regrettably selling my Mazda 929. Its time I faced the fact I’m not going to get the time to do it. If you are looking at this car you will know how rare they are. I believe there are 6 left in the UK. I’ve had the car for 3 years now. I actually drove it back from Belfast when I bought it. Unfortunately the head gasket went shortly after that. Its been gathering dust ever since. The screen was removed as it had a large crack in each corner. New ones can be made to order. 
In order to get it through an MOT it will need the head gasket sorting. Head pressure testing and skimming. Attention to the brakes. It will need callipers wheel cylinders etc because its been sat. One of the hand brake cables was snapped when I bought it. There’s an company in Elsmere port that can make new cables.There’s a little bit of welding to do. But it wont need a major restoration. It needs the front LH jacking point and outrigger doing. The RH outrigger. LH front chassis leg is just coming away at the seam so this needs attention before it gets worse. Then it needs the RH rear inner wing and end of the sill repairing. And A posts at the top. All in all a few days welding will sort it out. 
As you can see from the photos the paint is poor. Someones attempted to paint it with spray cans in the past. 
We of course can carry out all this work for you at extra cost. If you’d like a car you can drive away in. Alternately ask us for an estimate for a full restoration. It’d be nice to see a nice paint job on it once again.
Thanks for looking.
This car is sold as a project. Sold as seen. It is up to the buyer to come and look and determine the condition of the car for themselves. No guarantees or warranties are implied.The buyer is responsible for collection of the car within 7 days of auction end. Unless you require us to carry out the work required. Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or cash on collection.  See Ebay for further details.