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Events (covid 19)

Currently all events that involve large groups of people meeting are cancelled. However, we have some alternative events. We had the virtual car show now closed and currently we are running a length and breadth of England challenge. You will find this event in our events listing page. Why not get out in your classic and tel us where you have ventured to.



John O’Groats to Lands End is around  835   miles  

Liverpool to Whitby is around  165   miles. That’s approximately 1000 miles.

If 50 members each do 20 miles locally, North West Casual Classics will have covered a distance equivalent to The Length and Breadth of Britain!!

Virtual car show (Dundee) .

Information about a virtual car show that I thought might be of interest to the Northwest Casual Classics Club. The Dundee Museum of Transport, a fully-accredited museum in Scotland, hosts a popular motor show each year. Because of COVID-19, we have moved this year’s show online. On the show’s website, vehicle owners can upload photos and descriptions of their vehicles, and judging will take place on August 9th.

Entry £3 each. Proceeds to education.

Here’s a link to the motor show website:

The main page for the Museum is Thanks 

Lock Down Crossword

Just for fun whilst you stuck in the house. Correct answers will go green

1. It spreads the spark
2. They open and close
3. He made the first
4. R J M design was the inspiration
5. Made its debut 1964. It was officially unveiled at the World’s Fair
6. Each member was given a new Pontiac GTO
7. It gets disengaged
8. A metallic race track.
9. a controlled mixer
10. You can also wear it a dress.
11. The only thing in BL to do this.
12. Evolved from a drawing in the sand
13. achievement in the mountains.
14. An alternative to an escort
15. It not a mini
16. Luxury grand tour 1966 1976
17. They only had 3
18. This little car could sting.
19. 007 had one in Goldfinger
20. Founder of MG became
21. You may see these in a field.
22. abbreviated to MG
23. We know it as the bug.

New year meet

 year meet..

Bob has spoken with the landlord and has arranged the meeting with him.It will be from 10am ish to 4pm ish dependant upon the weather.It is a come and go show open to everyone not just clubs with a classic car,motorbike,tractor etc.The landlord will put a carvery on for those who wish to eat lunch.Plenty of parking for exhibitors.