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Debut Show Virgin

Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Citroen 2CV Trike


I acquired this car as an abandoned project in February 2018. As you can see from the photos everything needed sorting out I.e. bodywork, inboard brake conversion, wiring all electrics etc.

Long story short, car passed its MOT in October 2019 and I’ve been buzzing around in it since then

(Dealing with technology, will try to find a “before” shot to add assuming my entry is accepted)

George Woodward

Nissan 100 n x mp

Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Nissan

D26B701E-8557-49C8-8382-0C17CCBDC344-2.jpeg 672F8DF3-D22A-479B-B9C0-4C821602E2C3-1.jpeg E0DDBB1C-9E10-476B-A7DD-9DB361F1A871-0.jpeg

Nissan  100nx 1992

 Less than 80 cars on the register with very few like mine being an automatic.

Apart from the new wheels the car is as it came off the production line. I always regretted selling my last one, l like the T-bar roof so when I saw this for sake I couldn’t resist.

One previous lady owner from new + was only selling it as she was 82 years old + couldn’t get in + out of it after breaking her hip! Only 35000 on the clock when I bought it  in 2017 + still under 40000 now.

Just about fits one large German Shepard in the back!

Many thanks to Alan for the upkeep on our cars, he’s a gem,  xxx


Eileen Smith


Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Marlin

F275EC39-BF22-4673-A9DE-8CE7C82D560A-3.jpeg 89274E5F-DDE2-46A2-9ACB-707DB70790DF-2.jpeg AF19F90E-7A52-4B58-827D-0D47DFE8F241-1.jpeg 22337050-1189-4CE4-9B1D-68BC0D2A26E8-0.jpeg

 Marlin Roadster Mk1.

Built in 1980 using engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension etc from a 1967 Triumph Vitesse M1 convertible.

Possible the 4th off the production line but can’t be confirmed as the makers didn’t record the event.

LMO was gifted to us sept 2000 in a sorry state.It was stored under a plastic sheet for a few years. (Took 6 months for the seats to drip dry!) We trailered it home + Alan has spent many many hours in it over the years. Body + chassis repainted, a full re-wire, new brakes lines, new dash board- which now looks jaded so a new one is being fitted soon.

Eileen smith


Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Mini Clubman

engine-bay-1.JPG front-0.JPG

Pea was bought on 31/7/11 and wasn’t really touched untill 2011. Work started and I soon was spending more time in the garage than in the house. As you can see , its now finished and  my wife and I are enjoying ourselves attending car shows and the monthly club nights.


JEFF Ashcroft