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Chevy Corvair

Miles covered : usp_custom_field : CHEVY

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  • Chevy designed the Corvair during the 1950’s and released the early models November 1959. 5 years later they released the late model in November 1964. These were known as 65/69 models.
    This car was registered 1st January 1965, making it a very early 1965 model. The Danube blue was a carry over from the 60/64 models and was only a one year colour on 65/69 models. The Corsa was only a two year model, making this car a rare one. Built at the Oshawa plant in Ontario, Canada, it was one of only 360 made that year as a convertible.
    Undergoing a full restoration 15 years ago in Canada, it was sold and imported to Glendale, California, where the present owner bought and imported it into United Kingdom in 2020.
    Corvair was, and still is, the only mass produced air cooled, rear mounted, aluminium, flat 6, horizontally opposed engine ever made in America.
Philip Stott


Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Leyland Mini Clubman


I was first registered on 30 March 1978 and started my life in Bournemouth.

I’ve had 5 owners in my lifetime.  My new owners have called me WALTER and I joined their family in April 2016 from Thornton, Cleveleys.  I am presently under cover having some beauty treatment but should be with you again soon…..

Teresa Cross


Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Morris Minor Traveller


I started life in 1957 in Cowley and travelled the country spending a lot of my time in the North East – in Cramlington, Middlesbrough and in Newcastle upon Tyne.  In 1996, I was bought by a Dutch owner and I emigrated to Amsterdam, Netherlands and was given the registration – DM-28-63. I spent the next 10 years travelling the Netherlands under this Dutch registration.  My new owners visited the UK often and so it was no surprise to me when they decided to move to the UK.

In 2007, my Dutch owners moved to Leominster, Herefordshire and I came with them and I was re-registered with my original number plate.  Now here I am in the North-West with my latest owner who has started my latest renovations so I am having a little rest…..

Teresa Cross


Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Triumph Herald


My new owners bought me, “Hettie”, in 2018 from my previous owners and restorers, Steve & Cath Cropper, who bought me in March 1997 as a complete wreck and made me what you see today.

The lower part of me was totally rotten, and Steve used his 1968 Herald saloon’s much better chassis, bulkhead and lower panels to donate to my rebuild.  Great care was taken to preserve the chassis plate and tags from me, the convertible, and all my correct panels and features, such as anti-burst door catches, header rail and hood catches etc. In every respect, apart from gas welding, I am totally correct to factory spec, apart from modifications to my drivetrain and interior which makes me easier to cope with modern traffic. I have a reconditioned “German Specification” Triumph 1493cc Spitfire engine and a reconditioned single-rail Spitfire 1500 gearbox and J-type overdrive.


Teresa Cross


Miles covered : usp_custom_field : Morgan Plus 4 Supersports 60th Anniversary Edition


I have always loved the Morgan cars and finally got to own one when my hubby bought me the Supersports Anniversary Edition in 2012 for our 25th wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday.

Teresa Cross