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An eBay special from Merthyr Tidfyl. Owned for 3plus years, does everything and goes everywhere I want it to .

1956, 94,500 948cc, spitfire wheels.

Colin Pettit

The Clan Story

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FB_IMG_1488113272111-4.jpg received_470491720413447-2.jpeg FB_IMG_1488113287832-1.jpg DSC_0101-0.JPG

The Clan Crusader.

After I got my MG and Antony his mini, Antony developed an interest in classic cars, he had started a course at university to study Automotive Performance Engineering.

As a result he wanted to learn a bit about classic cars, I suggested we need a project and started to look for something suitable, that would not break the bank my income is limited due to my medical problem, as is the time I can safely work on it.

Antony wanted something sporty due to the nature of the course he was following at Uni. Having looked around it was not looking as if we would find a suitable project and have the funds to work on it.

I had always wanted to spend time with my own Dad working on a classic car. However I never had the opportunity. There is nothing more rewarding than passing your skills on to others especially your own kids.

Then one of our club members offered us an opportunity that was exceptional generous that would allow us to have a project to work on. The clan Crusader arrived on a trailer with a van full of bits. Where are you going to put that lot was my wife’s response. Easy we can put it in the garden boxes that have the garden furniture in.

We also had to dig a flower bed up to fit it in, not an issue as the drive would eventually be widened.

We spent the next few months sorting through bits to see what we had. We then had to take a break for several months as we needed to complete the house as it was lacking a kitchen. Apparently that takes priority.

We continued to do bits on the car over the next few years trying not to overdo it and end up in A & E. I was not always successful, hence the length of time it’s taken.

Antony graduated with a 2:1 and is now following in my footsteps as a design engineer. We have had a lot of fun and scraped fingers working on the car. Special thanks go to Joe hopefully it won’t be long now until she is back on the road, she won’t be a concourse car but everything that has been done including paint has been done by us in our garage. We can improve things as we go.

Philip Stott

Molly MG B

Miles covered : usp_custom_field : MGB

MollyonCandlesRun2-3.jpg candlesrun2016b-2.jpg mollyinwales-1.jpg 2018-05-25_04-24-40-0.jpg

Phils MG B (Molly)

I bought my mg as I had had to pack in scouting I had been a scout leader for over 25 years. During these years I had been involved in helping others and community events. Unfortunately due to my continuing shoulder problem I was finding the physical aspects of scouting difficult along with not being able to commit to regular meetings. I therefore needed an interest to replace my scouting my intention being to do something that did not involve being involved to much (I failed in that).

Having grown up around cars my Dad was a mechanic and always having a desire to own a classic car but thinking it was out of reach of my bank balance. I happened to find an MGB on ebay that was fairly local so I made a bid not thinking I would stand a chance of winning it, oups I won now to explain to my wife what I had bought. We went to collect the car it had been in a garage for a number of years with boxes stacked on top of it. It had dents and was very tired but was a runner. The deal was done and she came home with me.

I spent the next 8 months replacing various rubber parts that had turned to dust sourcing new panels and replacing seats, breaks, wheel bearings and undoing some poor modifications along with removing some of the American additions.

She now has ss exhaust suspension upgrade twin carburettors as per the uk specification. She is now known as Molly.

Philip Stott

Post War Austin

Miles covered : usp_custom_field : 1948 Austin 16

IMG_3882-4.jpeg IMG_0430-3.jpg IMG_0613-2.jpg DSCN2073-1.jpeg IMG_0642-0.jpg

1948 Austin 16.

I was initially attracted to the car because of it’s colour. Had been looking for a Riley RMB but as I was being particularly piccy my search was slow. Thirties car styling is attractive to me and as the ’16’ is an upgrade of a Pre-War car, namely the ’12’ I was hooked. It was for sale in Altrincham so I thought it was worth a look. Several boxes of history came with it, including loads of receipts, letters, the names and addresses of ALL the previous owners the first of which had been Edinburghs’ Chief Constable !  I have been able to get images of every house it has been registered to (bar one) including one in South Carolina, USA ! On purchase the condition is much as you see it now but I have done many small jobs like converting the trafficators to the flashing sort and the ignition to electronic, not that you’d know. the first owner, Sir William Booth Rennie Morren CBE has quite a history himself, you should ‘Google’ him. We use the car regularly for runs and shows and even once the Big Shop. This one’s a keeper.


Nigel France