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Contact Details

Did you know you can amend your contact details we hold via the club website. Its important that we have your correct contact details. Please update any changes.

You can amend by logging into the website and select the account tag.

scroll down to “Manage Personal Details” entre the email address we hold. (NOTE you must use the email we have on file, if you have changed your email address please contact membership secretary)

you will recive a secure link via email. click the link and amend your details.

Events list (page view)

There is now an alternative way to view events in the website. You can now view the usual table or a scrollable page with full details. You will find it in the events tab as a secondary menu item to “Events (table view)

Don’t forget you can print the table view using the link at the bottom of that page.

link to events (page view).

Print events list.

Top tip. Paid members can print an events list from the website. Scroll to bottom of full events page and click “printer friendly”. If you want to save it you can by printing to pdf. There will be a date it was printed so you know your up to date.

You must be logged in to use this feature.

Add “I cal” Website tip

Did you know you can add events to your online calendar. Click the ICal link.

You will find the link on the events list or in the side bar for upcoming events. As shown below. Google add ical for your calendar. ie google cal ect.

Event Sorting

The event listed on our website are listed in categories:-

Club Night– These are our evening club meetings.

Interest– These are events listed for members who may be interested in attending. NWCC has no input responsibility for these events. Members are responsible for book with the organizers.

NWCC Booking– These are events that require book through NWCC Online or at Club night.

NWCC Club Stand– These are events that we attend as a club and are booked via club.

Run/Drive– Run organized by NWCC for members.

The events list can be sorted to show the required category as shown below.

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