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1. How many rings are in the Audi Logo ?

Nikolaus Otto invented an engine with a four-stroke cycle in what year?


A car engine is what type of combustion engine?

4. What is the correct to formula to calculate  electrical resistance ?
5. if a gear system has 20 teeth on the drive gear and 10 on the driven. What is the gear ratio ?
6. What does HT stand for when referring to ignition leads ?
7. Name the coolant often referred to by Nigel France.
8. Who built the first mass produced car ?
9. How do you connect a Volt meter ?
10. What is a hydrometer commonly used for on a classic car ?
11. You have a bottle marked "DOT 4" in your garage. What is it likely to be ?
12. The N4 road is a national primary road in which country?
13. What was the max speed of the Benx Motorwagen the first practical motor car ?
14. Who is the presenter of car SOS ?
15. What colour was the 'Dormobile' in Ever Decreasing Circles?
16. The Ford Model T was given which two word nickname?
17. When was the worlds first official motor race held ?
18. The headquarters of Fiat are in which Italian city?

The stroke that lets in air and fuel is the _____ stroke.

20. Why would you use a relay to operate spot lights on a classic car  ?

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