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My little TR

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This in my 1957 Triumph TR3A that I bought at the Silverstone Festival Auction on Saturday 26th August 2023. This car is to replace the MGA Coupe I previously owned. This car has been fully restored to quite an exacting standard by a a gentleman who likes restoring cars as a hobby but fortunately for me, doesn’t like driving them.

Keith Fox

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 1957 Triumph TR3A

My little white Sportscar

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This is my 1961 MGA coupe MKll 1622cc. I bought this car about 12 months ago after it had received a partial restoration. I then set about doing a re trim of the interior as it was all original and showing its age. I made new seat covers from a hide I bought from Martrim along with various other fabrics to cover the dashboard and trim panels. The car lived it’s early life on the island of jersey then sent back to the mainland. The MG has a full documentary history and showing its original milage and all its previous keeperskeith fox

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 1961 MGA coupe

My Little Red Sports Car

dsl-insurance-6 MG-front-transparent-2 TC-5 TC-3 30B8110F-D569-48C2-BAD7-EDFB4322B68E.jpeg

DSL 591

21 March 1949

Chassis number TC8233

Engine number XPAG8822


This ’49 TC was originally built for the home market. Its early years and first owner are a mystery unfortunately. The car was shortly exported to US where it remained until 1989. The TC was re imported to UK and at that point the TC was bought by Michael Card, who embarked on a full restoration with the aid of Steve Baker (renowned T type specialist) to what he referred to as “Factory Original” specification.

Upon completion the car was entered into the MGOC annual concourse at Silverstone where it was awarded a second pace.

Michael kept hold of the car in storage as he had other cars he was working on until I bought it from him about 3 years ago.

When I bought the car it had been fully restored for what amounted to 20 years and as such needed a bit of love and affection.

My first job was to make a new hood, side screen, toneau cover and matching tool rolls. I obtained fabric etc. from Martrim in Cheshire and set about sewing up the required items. The matching tool rolls were made and a full compliment of original tools were bought and restored.

I have worked on this car virtually every day since purchase as it has become a labour of love. One of me recent additions is a picnic hamper that was woven to size for me in Lithuania then I endeavoured to make the internal items and strapping etc. The plates I have specially done by a colleague who does sublimation printing amongst other things. Quite a few item have been added to the “Factory Correct” specification but I have kept all the original items with the car for any future custodian.

This car has been featured on the front cover and inside Classic & Sports Car July 2009 and MG Enthusiast December 2001. Also an article in Classic MG (North America) April 2021 and featured in an recent MG book, The MG Story 1923-1980 by Malcolm Green


keith fox

Vehicle Make, Model and year : usp_custom_field : 1949 MG TC