Cheshire Lanes Mini MEG’s Day out

Several club members met at Lymm service station just of the M6. We arrived early in Antony’s mini as the MG was too cold and the Clan is having an off day. Members gathered next to an AA van. No not for one of us but for a modern car.

Geoff arrived in his Stag there was a strong smell of fuel. On inspection we determined a stuck valve in the carburettor. Fortunately we always carry tools in the mini. Essential for mini drivers.

After trying all the usual tricks of the trade. Tapping the float bowl running them dry ect. We abandoned Geoff with the tools to catch up with the rest of the members.

We did really well and managed to find our way of the car park with out getting lost. Antony driving with me navigating and Deb as back seat navigator.

Straight on at this roundabout was my instruction at this point we had our first diversion. We then got back on track and only got lost twice after that.

We eventual landed at Adam Sykes to find everyone already tucking in to pastries and coffee. What a great reception from Adam Its great to be welcomed as classic car enthusiast.

Eventually Geoff arrived having managed to remove the carburettors and remove a lump of crud from the valve before completing the run.  The joys of classic cars and fettling at the roadside. Big thanks to Chris for organising the event and Adam Sykes for their hospitality.