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Paul’s Go Fund Me

If you go to classic car shows then then you are bound to have come across Paul A Mac and his much loved Mercedes. 
Paul is one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet. Awarded Member of the year two years running by NWCC.
As many of our members may be aware things have been very difficult for Paul over the last few years, suffering from ill health and at the beginning of 2020 Paul suffered the loss of his father. 

On Tuesday 23rd June Paul was the victim of a horrendous attack. While out driving his Mercedes in Liverpool he was attacked by a gang of thugs. 
They put a brick threw his drivers door window injuring his arm and covering him in shards of glass, then threw bottles full of stuff at his head before peppering his car with rocks and throwing another brick through his rear window! Paul is ok but was taken to hospital for his injuries. 
Paul’s much loved car has been left badly damaged.

We the NWCC would like to show our support for Paul at this difficult time


Lock Down Crossword

Just for fun whilst you stuck in the house. Correct answers will go green

1. It spreads the spark
2. They open and close
3. He made the first
4. R J M design was the inspiration
5. Made its debut 1964. It was officially unveiled at the World’s Fair
6. Each member was given a new Pontiac GTO
7. It gets disengaged
8. A metallic race track.
9. a controlled mixer
10. You can also wear it a dress.
11. The only thing in BL to do this.
12. Evolved from a drawing in the sand
13. achievement in the mountains.
14. An alternative to an escort
15. It not a mini
16. Luxury grand tour 1966 1976
17. They only had 3
18. This little car could sting.
19. 007 had one in Goldfinger
20. Founder of MG became
21. You may see these in a field.
22. abbreviated to MG
23. We know it as the bug.

Lock down Quiz

There is a for fun quiz for you to try during your lock down. This is just for fun. If you would like to set the next quiz let me know.

CLICK to do the quiz.

Enjoy and keep safe.