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Message Re: Coronavirus

Hi All

You will no doubt been following the news worldwide of this coronavirus and witnessing the cancellations of many gatherings and events. I have discussed the situation with some of the Committee members and we have come to the conclusion that we should suspend the activities of North West Casual Classics until further notice. This will of course include all Club Meetings at the Conny Club.

Kenny tells me that ALL events up to and including 31st of May have been cancelled or delayed. As we approach these dates he will be more informed about the future of our calendar.

As I outlined at the last Club meeting I will keep in touch with Club members and Joe will still produce a monthly BACKFIRE which will be included in my email to you.

MEMBERSHIP. It seems to me that it would seem a tad unfair to charge a membership fee to a Club that is temporarily inactive so Steve will suspend fees from April 1st. For example:  If you have 8 months to run before you pay again, when the Club resumes activity you will STILL have 8 months to run, so you will not loose out.

Keep your eye on our Website for updates but in any case I will keep in touch by email. You can contact/text me on 07932057570 or through the Website email.

Look after yourselves,

Cheers Nigel


Please be advised that due to the current situation with Corona Virus. A large number of events are being cancelled. Members should assume until further notice that all events are currently cancelled.


NWCC media.

Club Constitution.

North West Casual Classics

(est 1995)

The Constitution of North West Casual Classics Vehicle Club

V3.0 Edition

December 2019




2.1            Title

2.2            Objectives

2.3       Use of Club Name and Address


3.1            Dissolution

4.            MEMBERSHIP

4.1       Eligibility

4.2       Acceptance of Members

4.3       Provisional Membership

4.4       Honorary Membership

4.5       ‘Under 25’s’ Membership

4.6       Admission Voting

4.7       Contact Details

4.7.1    Consent to Share

4.7.2    Deleting Contact Details

4.7.3    Website Access

4.8       Subscription

4.8.1    Payment of Subscription

4.9       Donations by Members

4.10     Subscription Non-payment

4.11    Resignation

4.12     Expulsion of Members

4.13     Observation and Interpretation of the Rules

4.14     Access to the Rules and Regulations

4.15     Property of the Club


5.1            Management

5.2       Election of Officers

5.3       Committee

5.4       Meetings of the Committee

5.5       Absence from Committee

5.6       Voting of Committee Members

6.         MEETINGS

6.1       The Annual General Meeting

6.2       Special General Meeting

6.3       Agenda

6.4       Voting

6.5       Right to be Present


7.1       Acquisition of Entry Passes

7.2       Legality of vehicles

7.3       Show Attendance


This Constitution is the body of Rules and Regulations by which this club is regulated. It describes the clubs purpose and objectives and embodies the aspirations of its members, namely to further their enjoyment of their various vehicles, and apply
to and attend shows and events as a club.


2.1    Title

The name of the Club shall be, “The North West Casual Classics Multi-make Vehicle Club” (abbreviated to NWCC), hereafter referred to in this document as “the Club”.

2.2    Objectives

The Club exists to:

  • Foster interest in the use, preservation, and restoration of classic vehicles of all types;
  • Foster interest in classic vehicles;
  • Watch the local administration of the laws affecting motoring and motor vehicles, and to make representations to the appropriate bodies, Government or council.
  • Promote the club at events both organised by this club, and other events at which the club attends.
  • Arrange events, lectures, discussions and social and other meetings;
  • Afford Members such benefits and privileges as may be possible;
  • Provide Members with assistance, advice and information on matters connected with their vehicles, without prejudice.

2.3    Use of Club Name and Address

The name and/or address of the Club shall not be given by any Member as their address for any trade, advertising, business purposes or in connection with any legal proceedings.


Any alterations may be made in these Rules by a General Meeting, provided:

  • Changes to the club rules should only be made at General Meetings
  • That details of the proposed alteration or alterations are brought to the attention of the Club Chairman or Vice Chairman prior to the General Meeting, should the requester be unable to be present at the General Meeting;

and that…

  • The resolution proposing such alteration be carried by a majority of those entitled to vote.

3.1   Dissolution

The Club may be dissolved by a Special General Meeting convened by direction of the Committee, or on the requisition of the majority of the Members. If the resolution of dissolution be duly passed, the Committee may, forthwith, appoint an Auditor to liquidate the affairs of the Club, and if there remains any surplus assets on realisation, these shall be disposed of at the discretion of the Committee.


4.1     Eligibility

Membership shall consist of the following categories;

  1. Ordinary Full Members
  2. Honorary Full Members
  3. Under 25’s’ Full Members

These categories can be applied to more than one person. i.e. the Club, at the discretion of the committee, can recognise a couple (married or otherwise) and recognise them both as such that only one membership be required.

4.2     Acceptance of Members

Applications for Membership of the Club shall be submitted in person at either a club gathering, by post to the Membership Secretary, or online via the club web site and the acceptance of such candidates shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

Membership of the Club shall continue only for the period covered by the current subscription, and Members shall be subject to re-evaluation annually, by the Committee.

All applicants must complete a form requesting their name and address, and this must be made by an individual in his/her own correct name and be signed by that applicant personally.

A parent or guardian must sign to give consent to membership for anyone under sixteen years of age.

4.3     Provisional Membership

There will be no provisional members. Any applicant for Membership of the Club shall, on acceptance of their subscription, become a full Member of the Club.

4.4     Honorary Membership

The Committee may elect as Honorary Members any person or persons who have been distinguished in promoting the cause of motoring in general or of the Club in particular, subject to ratification at the next General Meeting.

4.5     ‘Under 25’s’ Membership

There shall be an ‘Under 25’s’ Membership Category which may be liable to a reduced annual subscription. Applications for membership within this category will be at the discretion of the Membership Secretary and be supported by evidence to demonstrate eligibility. Such members will obtain the rights of an Ordinary full Member of the Club.

4.6     Admission Voting

A vote of one-third of the entire Committee against an application for Membership shall exclude that applicant from Membership.

4.7      Contact Details

Member’s contact details will only be made available to committee members for club business, eg: subscription reminders, sending show tickets, get well cards; and will not be shared outside of the club.

4.7.1  Consent to Share

By signing the application form a prospective member gives consent for the sharing of contact details as above. Consent to share details can be withdrawn at any time by the member contacting the membership secretary.

4.7.2  Deleting Contact Details

Any member leaving the club, or any relative of a deceased member, may have the member’s details deleted by contacting the membership secretary.

4.7.3  Website Access

Members may apply to have access to the member’s area on the club website with their own, personal user name and password which no-one else will have access to.

4.8     Subscription

Annual Membership Subscription shall be proposed by the Committee and approved by a majority at the Annual General Meeting.

4.8.1 Payment of Subscription

The method and amount of payment of subscription will be decided at the Annual General Meeting. Proposals of the method and amount may be presented by any member at the Annual General Meeting, and approved by a majority at the same. This
method/amount will remain in force until altered at subsequent Annual General Meetings.

4.9     Donations by Members

In extra-ordinary circumstances, the club may find itself with insufficient funds to cover its short term financial commitments. In this instance, a General meeting will be called and the membership approached by the committee for donations to assist at these times.

4.10   Subscription Non-payment

Any Member of the Club who has not paid their renewal subscription within two clear months of the date on which it falls due shall be assumed to have resigned from the Club. Rejoining members who have exceeded this period will be charged their subscription appropriately, based on the normal 12 month subscription rate, and at the discretion of the committee.

4.11   Resignation

Any Member ceasing, voluntarily or otherwise, to be a Member of the Club, shall thereafter cease to have any claim upon the property of the Club or to enjoy any of the privileges of Membership, but shall remain liable for the payment of any debts due to the Club.

4.12   Expulsion of Members

It shall be the duty of the Committee if at any time they shall be of the opinion that the interests of the Club so require, by letter, to invite any Member to withdraw from the Club within a time specified in such letter, and in default of such withdrawal to submit the question of their expulsion to a full meeting of the Committee, to be held within six weeks after the date of such letter. Members of the Committee shall be given seven days notice that a question of withdrawal or expulsion is to be discussed at a meeting of the Committee. The Member whose expulsion is under consideration shall be given at least seven days notice of such a meeting and shall be allowed to offer an explanation of their conduct verbally, or in writing and if two-thirds of the whole Committee shall then vote for his expulsion, they shall at once cease to be a Member of the Club.

4.13   Observation and Interpretation of the Rules

Every member binds themselves to abide by the Rules of the Club and also to any modifications made in conformity with the Rules and to accept as final and binding the decision of the Committee in all cases of dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation.

4.14   Access to the Rules and Regulations

Every Member shall have access to the Club Constitution on election to Membership.

4.15     Property of the Club

Any badges, property and/or equipment issued to a Member by or for the Club shall remain the property of the Club. On termination of their Membership, Members shall deliver up such property to a committee member.


5.1     Management

The authority and responsibility for the transaction of the business of the Club for its management shall be vested in a Committee, who, in addition to the powers and authorities by these rules expressly conferred on them, may exercise all powers and do all acts in furtherance of the objects for which the Club is established, other than those hereby expressly directed or required to be exercised or done by the Club in a General Meeting.

5.2     Election of Officers

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Club and Treasurer, Secretary and Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, subject to termination at the next Annual General Meeting following their appointment. Any member of the
committee can put themselves forward for re-election as many times as they wish.

5.3     Committee

Nominations of Candidates for election to the Committee must be done in person or by special prior arrangement with the committee prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Nominations of Candidates shall be seconded and voted in by a majority of membership.

The Committee shall consist of not less than five and not more than ten Members, including the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, who shall be full Members of the Committee.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt other Members as they deem necessary.

The Committee may appoint, from outside the Membership of the Club, an Auditor and/or a Solicitor.

The Committee shall have the power to appoint a Sub-Committee of not less than three persons to meet on its behalf in respect of any matter which is specifically referred to the Committee.

One quarter of the Members of the Committee shall form a quorum.


5.4    Committee Meetings

The Secretary, either of his/her own accord or by the direction of the Chairman, shall, unless otherwise agreed by all the Committee, give at least seven days notice of the holding of a Committee Meeting.

5.5     Absence from Committee

Any Member of the Committee who shall, without sufficient reason, absent themselves from three consecutive Committee Meetings may be assumed to have resigned from the Committee.

5.6 Committee Voting

Each Member present at a meeting of the Committee shall be entitled to exercise one vote. The Chairman shall not vote except in the exercise of a casting vote. The Committee shall vote by ballot if any Member present so demands.

6.      MEETINGS

6.1     Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of December in each year upon a date and at a time to be fixed by the Committee.

The Annual General Meeting shall:

  • Receive from the Committee a full statement of accounts which may be audited, showing the receipts and expenditure for the year.
  • Receive from the Committee a report of the activities of the Club during the said year.
  • Elect the Committee;
  • Decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted to the meeting as provided for in these rules.

6.2     Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting may be convened by the direction of the Committee, or by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman at the request of at least ten percent of the Members of the Club.

6.3     Agenda

When Members wish a matter to be discussed at a General Meeting, the text of that matter, signed by at least two Members, shall be sent to the Secretary sufficiently before the date of such meeting so as to be included in the agenda of that meeting.

A copy of the agenda shall be made available to each Member prior to the meeting, but the fact that any Member has not seen a copy of the agenda shall not invalidate the proceedings.

Business which is not included in the agenda, under the item “Any Other Business” shall not be discussed at the meeting unless a majority of the Member present is in favour of the discussion taking place.

6.4     Voting

Every Member with the right to be present may express one vote. The Chairman shall not vote except in the exercise of a casting vote. At all General Meetings, except as provided in section 3, a majority of votes decides a resolution.

6.5     Right to be Present

No one can take part in General Meetings unless they have been duly elected as a Member of the Club, and has paid their subscription according to these Rules, except in the case of persons outside the Membership who have been appointed by the Committee to act on the Clubs behalf.


7.1   Acquisition of Entry Passes

The Club events co-ordinator will make advances to show organisers on the Club’s member’s behalf, for tickets and entry passes to such shows. In these circumstance, attendance at such shows will be under the auspices of the Club.

Applications by individual members to shows will not be purported to be under the clubs auspices, unless agreed by the committee at a monthly meeting prior to the event.

Any Member convicted of an offence arising out of his being in charge of a motor vehicle at any Club event or on Club business shall thereupon be liable to instant and irrevocable expulsion from the Club.

7.2     Legality of vehicles

All vehicles must be road legal where applicable.

7.3     Show Attendance

Where the Club has gone to the trouble of acquiring tickets or passes to events on its member’s behalf, it is reasonably expected that those members requesting such passes actually attend the event as agreed. Failure to do so will reflect badly on the club as a whole, and will result in serious consideration of the efficacy of procuring further passes at events and shows on their respective behalf.

FORD MONDEO MK1 (NWCC Charity benefits)


Would any members be interested in giving this a new home. The owner is offering this as a fund raiser for NWCC charity ie for a donation to our current charity. Please discuss your offer with the owner.

Details:-MK 1 Mondeo SI that is mechanically excellent but needs bodywork.

For further details please contact Mike on 07785 902090

NWCC accepts no responsibility in any way for the sale of this vehicle we are simply passing on details to aid our fund raising activities.

Members car for sale.

DISCLAIMER. Members car are advertised as a members benefit for paid members of NWCC only. NWCC accepts no responsibility for the content of any add or for any issues arising from the sale of the car. All queries should be directed to the sell and NOT nwcc.

FOR SALE MAZDA 929 Estate.

I am regrettably selling my Mazda 929. Its time I faced the fact I’m not going to get the time to do it. If you are looking at this car you will know how rare they are. I believe there are 6 left in the UK. I’ve had the car for 3 years now. I actually drove it back from Belfast when I bought it. Unfortunately the head gasket went shortly after that. Its been gathering dust ever since. The screen was removed as it had a large crack in each corner. New ones can be made to order. 
In order to get it through an MOT it will need the head gasket sorting. Head pressure testing and skimming. Attention to the brakes. It will need callipers wheel cylinders etc because its been sat. One of the hand brake cables was snapped when I bought it. There’s an company in Elsmere port that can make new cables.There’s a little bit of welding to do. But it wont need a major restoration. It needs the front LH jacking point and outrigger doing. The RH outrigger. LH front chassis leg is just coming away at the seam so this needs attention before it gets worse. Then it needs the RH rear inner wing and end of the sill repairing. And A posts at the top. All in all a few days welding will sort it out. 
As you can see from the photos the paint is poor. Someones attempted to paint it with spray cans in the past. 
We of course can carry out all this work for you at extra cost. If you’d like a car you can drive away in. Alternately ask us for an estimate for a full restoration. It’d be nice to see a nice paint job on it once again.
Thanks for looking.
This car is sold as a project. Sold as seen. It is up to the buyer to come and look and determine the condition of the car for themselves. No guarantees or warranties are implied.The buyer is responsible for collection of the car within 7 days of auction end. Unless you require us to carry out the work required. Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or cash on collection.  See Ebay for further details.

NWCC in Top 10 uk clubs

NWCC have made the top 10 of the practical classics club of the year awards.


We can now reveal the ten local classic car clubs that we will be visiting on our amazing trip around Britain, in partnership with Footman James Classic Insurance.

The competition has attracted thousands of votes. ‘It has really captured the imagination of the classic car world,’ said Footman James boss, David Bond. ‘We’re celebrating the heroes at the heart of the movement; the people on the ground doing remarkable things to keep the classic scene thriving.’ Over 150 individual regional and local clubs were nominated and you’ve been voting in your droves to whittle the list down to our ten finalists, below.

At the end of June, we’ll visit each of the top ten clubs on an epic jaunt – and, as ever, you’re invited to join us at each stop and en route, as well. The final route will be announced in the next issue, but first we need your help.

Come along to the PC or Footman James stands at the PC Resto Show (March 22-24) to nominate your favourite driving road for inclusion in our round Britain journey from club to club.




The group is run by Michael Carpenter and Reuben Ward and holds meetings at the Rose Pub in Shotley. ‘Attracts up to 200 pre-2000 classics!’

H Town Classic & Dub Club (Herts)

H-Town Classic & Dub Club is a Hitchin-based club for fans of all classics. It holds regular meetings, ‘To encourage parts swaps, share experience and advice.’

Locks Heath Classic Car Club (Hampshire)

This club was formed in 2011. With over 300 members, it has raised over £13,000 for charity through a variety of annual events.

North West Casual Classics (NW England)

Formed in 1995, the NWCC group is a friendly, multi-make club. An enthusiastic committee plus over 100 members with a large number of vehicles hold many events, including an annual show.

Pembrokeshire Classic Car Club

A very active car club with over 100 members and cars ranging from 1926 to 1990. There’s always plenty going on – from an annual show raising money for charity to regular meets and drive outs.

Storrington and District Classic & Sportscar Enthusiasts (Sussex)

No membership fee, committee or agenda, just regular meets where members are encouraged simply to chat with like-minded individuals. ‘Sadcases’ can bring their pride and joy or just themselves.

Scotch Piper Classics (NW England)

They meet at The Scotch Piper Inn in Lydiate every Monday evening from 18:30. There’s also a Sunday afternoon meet on the third sunday of every month from 12:30pm.

Silverstone Social Classic Car Club (Northants)

Set up by Scott Temple in 2016, the club arranges regular weekend meets around Silverstone Circuit for the many car enthusiasts living in and around the area.’

South Wales Classic Car Club (SWCCC).

Formed in 1983, the SWCCC currently boasts a membership of around 100 and puts on an annual show (Classics in Cardiff) to raise money for local charities.

Torbay old wheels club, Devon.

Based in the Torbay area of South Devon, Torbay Old Wheels Club was originally founded in 1992 by a small group of classic-loving friends. Since then the club has grown to around 130 members today.

That’s Tv Manchester News

News report from NWCC Awards Night.

Car Enthusiasts Raise Over Two Grand For A Local Hospice

Each year, members of one Classic car group aim to raise as much money as possible for a local charity.During 2018, North West casual classics raised funds for the warrington based St Rocco's hospice, and on tuesday night at their annual awards ceremony, they handed over a cheque for just over two thousand and twelve pounds to the charity.

Posted by That's TV Manchester on Wednesday, 13 February 2019